PSD to Shopify: Convert With An Ease

Do you want to convert your PSD design into a Shopify template? Read this article to get your PSD design converted into a Shopify template.

So you have created a web design in Adobe Photoshop. It looks good. You might have an image in your mind that summarizes every aspect as per your design.

However, you have found that Shopify will benefit your business and you have decided to convert your website design into a responsive Shopify store. Don’t worry, you have arrived in the right place. Keep reading…

Here in this article, we have mentioned some instructions that show you how you can convert your PSD design into a full-functioned and responsive Shopify store. For that, you must have a Shopify account first. Don’t worry, that’s free to sign up.

Things you need for PSD to Shopify conversion process:

  • Basic Knowlege about CSS/HTML
  • Photoshop design of your page, basic Photoshop skills, and a working copy of your program
  • A Shopify account and basic knowledge about customization settings

Steps to Follow While Converting PSD to Shopify

1. Open your PSD file and use the Slice Tool:

First, you have to slice your PSD design into small pieces (layers) using the slice tool. Now you have to separate the design into smaller sections like header, sidebar, footer to make the coding easier and super customizable. All you have to do is draw a rectangle around the elements you want to separate and you’re done.

2. Save Your Files as Images (JPEG, JPG):

In this step, you have to save your files as images, and choose the possible highest resolution. After that, you have to save them in JPEG/JPG format. Blurry and Pixelated images will be prevented from your website.

3. Save Your PSD file as an HTML File:

Now you have to save your completed version of the file in .html format in Photoshop.

4. Save and Upload Your Files into the Shopify Customizable CSS:

Now, you have to upload a new HTML file and an image file to your services and now, you’re all ready to edit your page elements form your template. Even, you can replace the relevant images later on with the page’s template. Now your PSD to Shopify conversion process is all done.

Why You Should Choose PSD to Shopify conversion service

Those who don’t have fluent HTML/CSS skills are advised to hire professional developers for the job rather than doing all the work yourself. It’ll help you make your site more professional, responsive, and interactive.

You can also go with Shopify Builder. Shopify Builder is a team of professional developers, who are experts in developing professional and responsive online shopping experiences. They’re committed to providing professional outcomes to their customers within a demanded time-frame.

Both options are safe, now the choice is up to you. Whether you hire someone for the job or do it yourself. At PSDtoWPService, we have a team of professionals who are expert in their job. So, if you want any kind of assistance, please contact us. We’d be happy to help you.

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