PSD to HTML Conversion: 5 Important Factors that Affects the Cost

PSD to HTML conversion is a time-consuming task, and it requires good coding skills on the part of web designing for amazing and quality outcomes. With the continuous growth in web designing, PSD to HTML is on-demand these days. But, the prices aren’t that comprehensive, different experts charge differently.

So it’s up to you to be aware of the market pricing and should not be cheated by the fake service providers. In this article, we have outlined some of the important factors that affect the timeline and help you understand PSD to HTML conversion cost.

1. Number and Complexity of Pages

PSD to HTML conversion depends upon different factors. First, the number of PSD files, the higher the number the greater the price. Because the service providers have to convert each page separately and then have to join it back in one file. It affects the conversion cost.

Second, is the complexity of the page, if the PSD design contains too many effects and complex animations, it’ll take more time and effort to convert that page in HTML coding. Most of the professional developers mostly provide hand-coded services in the conversion.

2. CSS Framework

CSS frameworks work has the foundation of web projects and made web designing more easier than it was way back. The majority of the CSS frameworks contain a grid system, custom layout, device compatibility, cross browsers, and many more features.

There are many CSS frameworks available and each works differently for different purposes. Some of these common frameworks are 960 Grid, Bootstrap, Blueprint, and many more.

The more you want your website look amazing and user-friendly, the more it requires additional frameworks, and it affects the cost.

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3. Responsive

Making a responsive website is the duty of a developer and they need to write added code to make websites responsive and user-friendly. Responsive websites can easily open in all types of browsers and devices with any screen size, with the same quality of design.

Generally, professional developers use bootstrap media queries to configure content break, size of the font as per different resolutions and sizes. Making a responsive website consumes time and it increases the conversion cost.

4. Nature of Project

Usually, costing depends on the nature of the project – the complexity, style, and design of the project. If the costumers want to add some extra features like custom coding, layout, back-end framework, etc., then the developer will charge the extra price as per customer’s criteria. These extra add-ons can improve the growth of your business as most of your customers will visit your website.

5. Turnaround Time

Turnaround time plays an essential role in PSD to HTML conversion. It’s a great way to determine the cost of a service provider. But, make sure the quality of the work shouldn’t be compromised in terms of fast delivery.

Pricing is not the only problem, but the developers also need to be ensured about the exact date of delivery, to avoid unnecessary time negotiation and stress scenarios.


The success of a business depends upon the factors that affect your website performance. No matter, how challenging it is, you should always be ready to invest money at the right place and right time.

To avoid this hassle, you must hire a professional PSD to HTML expert to maintain the quality of the work.

You must hire a professional PSD to HTML expert for this conversion to maintain the quality of the designs. This conversion rate varies from taking about $85-$149.

You should visit our pricing table to get a better idea of the pricing rates. Developers also create additional features such as custom back-end, custom coding, extra layouts, and many more as per customer’s criteria. But, they charge an extra amount for this and this excludes the average price range.

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