5 Best Travel Booking WordPress Plugin

People go on tours and travel to get away from their daily grind. Finding the right accommodation, while you are on an excursion, is important and challenging if you are trying online. WordPress developers over the years have brought some of the best plugins to customize your travel website and give your customer the finest experience. As I always follow the famous WordPress quote, “there is always a plugin for that!!”, today I help you pick some of the best tour and travel booking plugins that come with some of the best features which you need for your customer’s needs.

  • WP Travel – Best Travel Booking WordPress Plugin, Tour Management Engine
  • WordPress Travel Booking Plugin – WP Travel Engine
  • Complete Travel & Tour Booking System – Yatra
  • Travel Management

WordPress Travel Booking Plugin – WP Travel Engine

WordPress makes your life a lot easier with its plugins. Here we are talking about building amazing travel booking websites. You can turn your ordinary website into a travel booking website with dynamic looks in less than hours by using WordPress Travel Booking Plugin. This plugin is totally free to download.


  • Add-ons: WP Travel Engine has their own add-on shop which provides free and premium add-ons for any feature you wanna get into your website. Some of the amazing features are adding trip weather forecast, itinerary binder, custom trip maker, currency converter etc
  • Payment: The free version gives you the PayPal Standard payment gateway. The premium version comes with more supported extensions.
  • Unlimited travel packages
  • Custom booking Email
  • This plugin is totally translation ready. So you can create your booking website in any language.


It is a freemium model plugin. Though the free version has necessary features but it doesn’t let you add the dynamics as you want it to. You need to spend a bit to get the hold of its use properly.

WP Travel – Best Travel Booking WordPress Plugin, Tour Management Engine

WP Travel is a flexible and highly customizable plugin that lets you make your travel booking website a painless booking website for your customers. It is free and one of the most powerful tools to turn your website totally booking ready.


  • The theme compatibility list lets you know about the plugin you are using and how the best outcome you can achieve.
  • There are 11 Payment Gateway options
  • Customer Dashboard Bookings and views
  • It’s highly customizable so your audience creates even custom tour plans and price gets added accordingly to how the plan has been done.
  • Invoice and tax options


It doesn’t have the advance itinerary option for each travel package. You can only inform the audience about the location of the trip. You can’t assign the itinerary.

Complete Travel and Tour Booking System – Yatra

Yatra is totally free and a minimalistic travel and tour booking plugin that you can add to your website to make your website a travel and tour booking website. It’s really simple and easy. It is developed by Mantrabrain. They also developed a theme that works best with Yatra.


  • PayPal Standard payment gateway
  • Unlimited travel and tour categories
  • Smart tags for email messages


This plugin is still developing. The team aims to make it a total tour and travel plugin if they get proper support. It is yet not dynamic for the course it is competing with.

Travel Management

If you are searching for a plugin just to include travel packages in a tastier way in front of your audience then you may opt for Travel Management. It’s simple and lets you build unlimited tour packages and image galleries.


  • Search component feature
  • Typology feature


This plugin is just for displaying and assembling travel packages. It doesn’t include any booking options.

Writers NOTE

Each Plugin I mentioned above is unique in their nature. Some lets you transform your whole website and make it ready for your tours and travel business. Some lets you just add cool features to your website. You can figure out the pros and cons from the above discussion and choose the best plugin that suits your need and affordability.

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