6 Key Steps On How To Easily Create An Attractive Beauty Blog: Pros And Cons Of The Foremost Well-known Site Builders

Attractive Beauty Blog

Today, blogging is a popular activity because it both allows one to express oneself and can be easily combined with other full-time and part-time jobs or an academic study process. Modern bloggers write on a variety of topics, from traveling and startups to beauty and a healthy lifestyle. Any blog which offers valuable content to its target audience can become popular and bring money to its owner if properly monetized.

The below six steps explain how to easily create an attractive beauty blog even if you have no previous experience or required technical knowledge. The contemporary website builders are user-friendly and intuitive to be used by any amateur or a blogging beginner.

Step 1: Decide Whom You Will Be Writing For

Before starting to write your blog, it is recommended to begin with your marketing strategy. Yes, you are not a marketing specialist but a blogger. So, answer yourself a question, whom you will be writing for. Define your target audience with several adjectives, age group, interests, and issues faced. This will help you stay focused when writing your future blog posts and ensure you keep your readers interested and tuned.

Step 2: Create a Catching Blog Name

After you know who your blog is targeting, you will need to choose your blog name. It should draw attention, be authentic and easily memorable, and raise positive associations. Ideally, it should give an idea of your chosen specialty within the beauty knowledge area and be outstanding compared to your rivals’ names. Yet, be cautious to copy anybody’s blog brand name or to create a too similar one – this will spoil your audience’s trust in a moment.

When you a ready with your blog name, buy a domain name for your website. The domain name should include your brand name.

Step 3: Choose a Website Builder 

An attractive design of your beauty blog is what you need to build readers’ trust and increase loyalty. You don’t need to invent anything new here. There are enough website builders on the market, both free and paid, to do the job for you. All you need is choosing one of the most popular web-building tools, both being comfortable to use and offering a design that appeals to the blogger’s identity – plenty of reviews of such services for your consideration here. All of them already include various design templates and allow all possible types of customization to reflect your preferred authentic style. Use their internal user guides to make the building process easy and quick.

The foremost well-known site builders suitable for a beauty blog creation are Wix, SITE123, Squarespace, GoDaddy Website Builder, WordPress, and Weebly. Their pros are free cost, SEO optimization included, and a high level of customization. Their cons mostly relate to excessive choices to be made for a beginner. Remember that your choice affects the blog’s potential for development and growth.

Pick a beauty blogging theme when choosing your website design. Be cautious as some of these site builders were created for e-commerce and specific businesses rather than blogging. Avoid such ones and make an exception only if you see an unforgettable design, which you cannot go by. Remember that your current choices will affect the comfort of the blogging process in the future. Choose usability over design, if the design is too unusual.

Step 4: Write Your First Blog Posts

When you done with your web blog building, it’s time to create your first blog posts. Maybe you have written some content before. So, just find suitable visual content and post your articles. If you have none, get some inspiration on the topics you outlined when doing Step 1 and start writing. It is recommended to be a regular publisher and to post something at least once a week.

Remember that a beauty blog should, first of all, be visually attractive. So, choose photographs that fit one another by style and remember staying focused on your initial brand identity.

You can use various planning tools to organize yourself with your blog and not to abandon it soon. Scheduling your upcoming posts in advance is a key to avoid last-minute posting or a rush leading to low-quality writing. Whenever you get the latest news or some unique information, use the moment to make an announcement, which is out-of-schedule. People like to be notified about the latest innovations.

Step 5: Spread the Word of Mouth 

Now, when you have your beauty blog ready, it’s time to spread the word about it. It will be an easy task if you are creating really valuable content and post regularly. Visit your blog yourself from all of your devices and tell your friends to become your first visitors. So, Google will know that it exists. Use social media posting to boost your beauty blog recognition and attract more new visitors. Tell people you meet physically by distributing your business cards in beauty shops and other related locations. Mind organizing a mailing list if you have a suitable list of beauty contacts.

Step 6: Monetize Your Beauty Blog

The last step in creating a beauty blog is monetization. Do not start this process until you already have a loyal audience. Usually, the blog is free for the first year at least. People are more inclined to visit web resources, which are not overloaded with advertising. The two most popular options to monetize your blog are affiliate marketing and selling ad space. Use dedicated platforms to make corresponding partnerships for the former and use Google AdSense to earn via the most popular search engine. You can also generate profits from blogging if you have your own products or services. Start selling them to your blog visitors in a non-intrusive manner as soon as you feel they are ready.

All in all, remember that your hard work will not remain unnoticed. In return for the efforts you have invested, people will come to visit your blog and stay as regular and loyal readers and buyers.

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