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PSD to WordPress Conversion Service Forecasting Changes in the World of Hosting Through the Lens of Wordpress

Forecasting Changes in the World of Hosting Through the Lens of WordPress

With WordPress and WordPress hosting becoming increasingly popular in India, it is important to know WordPress in detail. Let us roll.

Deep diving into WordPress

To know WordPress in detail, let us first have a quick background check. Even as the world continues to make some of the giant leaps in the digital age, the question of digital inclusion still looms large. A report of the international monetary fund titled digital dividends led to the conclusion that almost 60 percent of people in India do not have access to India. However, there is another face of this story that is rather much more astounding. India has the third-largest number of internet users in the world.

It is not surprising to know that one of the chief reasons behind this digital divide is that most of the small businesses in India do not have their online presence. This argument forms part of the statement that over 60 percent of people are offline. So, where do the internet users come from? They are the population of numbers. We cannot ignore the fact that India has the second-largest number of people among nations.

Now, let us try to try to visualize how many of the people in India are familiar with WordPress hosting and how many of them actually use such services.

If we dig upon this fact, we find that 75000000 websites are currently using and as such familiar with WordPress services. Practically speaking, this means that you might be knowingly or unknowingly browsing across a website powered by WordPress in a time span of about 5 minutes.

In technical terms, WordPress is an open-source content platform that allows its users a full package of modification as per their will. One of the misconceptions associated with the users regarding WordPress is that if they need to do a sort of programming to set foot on their first website. It should be noted here that WordPress does not require any sort of programming and comes with user-friendly tools to allow a design that is ranked second to none.

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Populating the bastions

As new bloggers, content writers and freelancers continue to populate the bastions of the internet, they are looking to make a digital home on the cloud. But cloud hosting services may come at a price. WordPress hosting services address all such concerns and allow a hassle-free make up of a website at the time and place of the user’s choosing.

Molding it your way

WordPress has been dubbed as a molding tool that allows its users’ endless diversity and the freedom to create, modify and update content as per their will and subsequent requirements.

A money-spinner for the business

For quite some time now, WordPress has acted as a money-spinner for the businesses by powering a variety of big and small businesses alike. Mention should also be made about the popularity WordPress has gained in the corporate world.

Is the internet the new market now?

It is often debated whether the pitching roar of e-commerce is a myth or a reality. The truth is that India being an emerging market that is growing by leaps and bounds is an amateur in the digital world. It is a place where startups aspire to grow big. Needless to say, the cost of going online comes at a price. Now let us come to WordPress. If we call it fuel to power the digital world, it would still not be enough. This is because, in India, almost every fifth e-commerce website owes its origin to WordPress hosting services.

The security policy

Security-related issues are the first priority of all major service providers. Given the fact that data breach may spell the doom of an organization, the service providers do invest a major chunk of their investment in security-related concerns. This assumes great importance on the online platform as it contributes to a trust-building exercise between the two parties.

A glimpse of applications

  • e-commerce sites cite WordPress as their first order of choice.
  • Blogging is getting famous among freelancers and so is WordPress.
  • Dedicated resumes can be created using WordPress which acts as a language of expression.
  • A large number of social networking sites not only in India but also abroad use WordPress.
  • Membership sites are getting popular in India owing to WordPress.
  • Business websites in India have a growing need for hosting platforms due to the increase in their subsidiaries and WordPress is readily catering to their needs.


The growing popularity of WordPress in India, in a nutshell, can be attributed to its services which are easy to use, effective to handle and efficient in performance. What the businesses and startups in India demanded for their rise in the digital world, that WordPress provided which led to a close synergy between the two!

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