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Blank vs Premium Theme: Which One is Better for Your Project?

A WordPress Theme is a collection of files which work together to produce a graphical interface with an underlying unifying design for a weblog. The WordPress Theme system is a way to “skin” your weblog. WordPress Themes can provide much more control over the look and presentation of the material on your website.

6 Best Blank WordPress Theme for PSD to WordPress Conversion

A Blank WordPress Theme is a WordPress theme with all kinds of functionality of a typical WordPress theme but almost none of the styling. The idea is that when starting a new theme, it is far easier to use this as a base then a theme that is already finished and styled. Blank WordPress themes come with basic WordPress PHP, CSS, and HTML code and theme files already filled out for you. On this blog, we tried to describe the best blank wordpress theme which you can use for your PSD to WordPress Conversion project.

Top 7 Best Web Hosting for your WordPress Website

Wordpress has become one of the most popular platform for developing websites. Which is why many hosting company offers hosting package specially for wordpress. But are all of them good enough? Which one you should go for? To remove your confusion, we analyzed 20+ hosting providing wordpress based package and brought the 7 best for you.

How to Install SSL on Your WordPress Website

SSL is very important to keep safe your personal and sensitive information like credit card information and so on. The main reason behind the significance of SSL is to keep sensitive information sent across the Internet encrypted and unreadable to ensure that it can only be interpreted by the intended recipient.


How to Speed Up your WordPress Website

Google now included site speed in its ranking algorithm. That means if your site is slow, you will lose visitors which may prove as very harmful to you and business or company. On this blog we will discuss about 15 points about how can you increase your WordPress website speed!

PSD to WordPress

PSD to WordPress Conversion: 13 Things You Need to Know!

PSD stands for Photoshop Document. It’s a Photoshop document created in Adobe Photoshop. It is layered image file which will let you to save and edit parts of the respective image into PNG or JPEG file formats. The file can be easily opened in Photoshop and can be edited further.
In general, PSD is the native file format of Photoshop and it is a widely accepted file format which supports almost all image modes such as CMYK, RGB, Bitmap, Grayscale, Duotone, and others.
On this blog we have tried to give you the basic ideas to have to regard in mind when you convert any PSD to WordPress theme. Hopefully, you will like it.

How to Ensure Bulletproof Security for your WordPress Website

If your WordPress site got hacked, it can be proven very harmful to your business revenue and reputation. Hackers can steal user information, passwords, install malicious software, and can even distribute malware to your users. Moreover you may find yourself paying compensation to the hackers to regain your website.

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