5 WooCommerce Customization Tips to Improve Your Online Store

So, you have a WooCommerce store and interested in WooCommerce Customization to have a better user experience, more sales, traffic, and rankings. Well, keep on reading and we’ll show the five best WooCommerce Customization tips to have a responsive and fabulous WooCommerce store.

In this modern world, starting your online store isn’t that hard. And the credit goes to WordPress. With WooCommerce you can create your online store is quick and easy for you to set up a professional-looking website to sell your products. It’s much cheaper than getting a custom design website.

What’s more? Try these simple WooCommerce Customization tips to design a professional-looking website without hiring a designer or a WooCommerce Customization Company.

In this article, we’re going to share some quick, simple, and amazing customization tips for WooCommerce. In a nutshell, we’re going to show you how to improve your WooCommerce store performance. So, without wasting more time, let’s get into this.

Tip #1: Customize Your WooCommerce Store Navigation

The first tip we want to give you is to customize your navigation. You could be thinking about why it’s important? A website design decides how users gonna behave once on your website and click they gonna made to reach their destination. To understand what we said, just visit West Elm or ASOS and see what they’re doing. They’re clearly displaying their most popular products and the highly recommended ones (like limited and exclusive products).

Tip #2: Create Categories and Subcategories (To Make Products Discoverable)

When it comes to WooComerce customization, it’s one of the simplest and most effective tips.

But, the mistake most people make is while designing their store, they forget to add categories and subcategories. When customers visit your site, they’re more likely to sort products into categories, before reviewing and making a purchase. You can use this to your advantage, not just by making it easier for you to manage also for the customers to narrow the results they want.

So why you really need category pages on your website? The very first reason is SEO. The more specific pages you have, for more long-tail keywords you’re gonna rank for. For example, if your run an online grocery store, having a category like vegetables and a subcategory like green vegetables or low-fat vegetables will give a leap on ranking in search engines likes Google, Yahoo, etc.

Tip #3: Add Live Search to Your WooCommerce Store

To make it easy for your searcher to help them find what they’re looking for is by using the Live search on your website. With it, the users will be able to find what they’re looking for on your website with in-real time and online shopping process.

You can also use WooCommerce Product Search to add these features to your website. Or you can choose a theme that comes with this feature like the ShoppyStore extension. If you go through their demo, you can check this extension. By typing just a few characters in the search box, you’ll see a lot of matching displays. The more you type, the more specific the search ideas you’ll get.

Tip #4: Create Your Own Unique Product Descriptions

You have to create your own unique and relevant product descriptions. In the long run, duplicate content is another mistake that most people do while building their WooCommerce store.

It’s easy to copy-paste content from one page to another. However, there are plugins that link your WooCommerce store to your affiliated accounts like Amazon Associates or any other to automate the process. As tempting as it makes you avoid it. But, in the end, you’ll find your pages much better and ranking high than your competitor and gaining more traffic.

Tip #5: Remember Internal Linking

Internal linking is a must-have for all online businesses. The idea behind this is that the visitors on your site read one blog and when they click on the internal links, they get to other relevant posts. But now, we’re talking about WooCommerce stores, and this is another mistake made by WooCommerce store owners. This is shameful since it’s quite easy to add internal links to your store.

WooCommerce comes with in-built features like Upsells and Cross-sells. Upsells are products recommended on a product page as a related product which a customer may also be interested in. Cross-sells are products that show up on the cart page as complementary products.

By using this simple method, you can increase your sales and have more revenue coming into your business.

Tip#6: Increase Your WooCommerce Store Speed

So, you’re working hard on your WooCommerce store. Still, you have to make it work as fast as possible. Why? There’s a lot of reasons. First, it’ll help you with your SEO. Google (and other search engines) take page speed as an essential criterion for better rankings and good user experience.

A page that loads in a second or two is more likely to have better rankings than the one which loads in ten seconds. Second, according to a study, a customer waits for a maximum of 5 seconds for a site to open, a delay after that makes them leave. And this behavior also increase bounce rate, which also hurts your ranking and traffic.

To speed up, you have to check your current page speed first. You can use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights or any other tool to check it. It’ll show the exact time your page takes to load on both desktop and mobile devices. It also shows the error and suggestions on how you can improve your page speed.

Now, follow these suggestions and make the changes accordingly. It can


These are the WooCommerce Customization tips that surely gonna help you to create a responsive and fabulous WooCommerce store. These WooCommerce Customization tips are not too complicated and you can implement these tips right now on your website even if you don’t have website building experience. So what you’re waiting for, get started now and make your WooCommerce store better today.

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