PSD to WP or Figma to WP: Which Conversion is Better?

Having a website has become a top priority for businesses these days. According to the statistics from BlueCorona shows that only 64% of businesses have a website. That means they’re missing a lot of business opportunities.

So, you could have searched online on how to design a website or web development agency to help your out with this. But, not sure what specific way to proceed with.

Like, should you get a custom-designed website or other services such as PSD to WP, Figma to WP, HTML to WP, etc?

In this article, we’ll help you get the best web design opportunity for your business. Whether you should go for PSD to WP conversion or Figma to WP conversion.

Before we dig in, let’s find out what a WordPress website is?

What is a WordPress Website?

WordPress is a web publishing platform that enables you to quickly, easily, and efficiently build, publish, and manage your website using a simple point-and-click interface in a short time.

WordPress is an open-sourced CMS written in PHP. it’s a secret code that allows you to have your customized website without having to hire a wordpress developer or a web designer?

A WordPress website is a website that is built in WordPress and runs all its features in it. Unlike other web publishing software such as Dreamweaver or SourcePad, WordPress allows you to create and edit your website from your browser without downloading and installing any software.

What is PSD to WP?

PSD to WP is a web design method that is becoming quite popular these days. It has given website designers the ability to create a visually stunning, professional-looking website without having to learn any new programming or graphics skills.

PSD to WP conversion can help your business have a wonderful and responsive web design without much hassle. By doing that, you can focus on things that’ll bring in more business.

PSD to WP conversion can be used for all types of websites whether it’s eCommerce or a blog.

In a nutshell, it allows you to get a web design of your choice, not what so-called agencies decide or suggest to you.

With this process, it depends on you how you want your website to look like and what message you want to convey to your audience.

What is Figma to WP?

Figma to WP is another process that you can use to convert your design into a live website. There are several different settings you can change depending on what your purpose and desires are for your website.

By proceeding with Figma to WP conversion, you can have a custom made website just like PSD to WP conversion. But, the point that makes these conversions different is their community and collaboration opportunities.

By proceeding with Figma to WP, you can not just design your web design yourself, but also let your teammates help you with it. Figma to WP conversion works best if you’re looking for a quality web design for your business.

What sets Figma apart from Photoshop is that Figma is free, while Photoshop charges $9.99 m/o for using the software.

In addition to this, Figma ranks #1 in the list of best web design tools, where Photoshop got that #19 position.

PSD to WP or Figma to WP? Which option to try?

One of the clearest benefits of using a PSD to WP designer is the flexibility offered by the software. You can literally ‘place’ your PSD files on any number of web pages, so you are not limited to the pre-made designs you might find on websites like Zencart.

Working with these software gives you access to a wide range of tools, such as custom elements, plugins, icons, borders, and much more. It allows you to create a truly unique website that reflects your business.

However, both of these software’s have their pros and cons, but that’s what everything has, right? It’s up to you now to decide which platform relates to your business and invest in the right one.

If you want to create your design for free and with your teammates, then Figma is best for you. If you’re willing to design it yourself and pay for all the tools then you can consider Photoshop.

However, if both of these cases are not for you and you’re entirely unfamiliar with these practices and don’t know how to convert your design into a responsive website, then you should reaching out to the professionals.

PSDtoWPService is proving both of these services at a very reasonable price that every business can afford it. We have been building websites for over eight years and help our client get their dream website. If you got any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us regarding your inquiry.


If you’re thinking of having a fully functioned and responsive website, you should consider these two web design options. Whether you have a PSD design or a Figma design, WordPress is ideal for both of them. WordPress has become a crucial part of online business success. The most professional and efficient way of getting these services is to get expert service on your website project.

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