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7 Things Designers & SEOs Take Wrong About PSD to WordPress Conversion

As a designer, what’s your planning about website designing?

Will you focus on creative design or search engine optimization?

Though it’s a very basic question dealing with this is not easy at all.

YES, many designers don’t like the term ‘ SEO ‘. Because they lose their freedom about designing and it limits their daedal possibilities. But it doesn’t mean that they have to sacrifice some important design features for the sake of search engine optimization. Designers can work with SEO specialists to find a solution that will meet all the required expectations. For this collaboration, careful monitoring is needed along with redesigned features.

About PSD and WordPress:

PSD is a document of the photoshoot. This is developed by Adobe Photoshop software. It is a very flexible file where you can edit different parts of images and can save any kind of editions, customizations in jpeg or eng files.

In one sentence we can say that PSD is like a stable picture that gets a life when WordPress becomes its partner. The visual treat of the website is the result of WordPress. Yes, with the collaboration of Mr.PSD and Mrs.Wordpress, we found a website.

  • Things designers and SEOs take wrong:

In this high-tech-business era, a well-developed website and employees are arrogant business aides for any company. But If the website doesn’t get quality traffic and people don’t get the website then all are valueless.

Here another question can arise. That is-

If a designer always considers the search engine optimization just because of good traffic and the best user experience then it will congest the working area. Designers will lose their freedom.

And the answer is, the purpose of the business website is to reach your targeted traffic and serve them. So, there is no alternative option to replace the search engine optimization.

Avoiding these 6 website mistakes will help you to not get lost in search engine ranking.

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  • Navigation:

Navigation has created and designed for both the visitors and search engines. If a website has the well-mannered navigation system then this website visitor well definitely feel good and visit more.

Poor navigation is very problematic. Without clear instructions of navigation, the visitor might get lost on the website. A web designer must have to consider all the devices in mind in case of navigation. So that a user can feel comfortable by using any devices. Also, they have to be conscious of clear instructions of navigation.

  • Splash Pages:

Creative, beautiful, smooth splash can be really cool for the website. I have used many adjectives to give them extra honor. Personally, I like them as just a visual treat.

But in real-time experience flash, java applets and all non-textual contents are not cool for search engine optimization. Because honorable Google cannot read them. That’s why google can’t track them and it creates a bad impression of the website.

It’s a good option to use textual content in the body part rather than using splashes. If it’s necessary to use splash, then don’t use them on the important side of the website and content.

  • Use of images instead of important element:

For an SEO friendly blog and website, the use of images is important according to the relevant blog posts and website. But a web designer or content creator uses the more relevant picture without text or focus their concentration only on adding good images, then SEO will fail to serve its purpose.

For important elements, it’s better to use keyword-based heading and title. So, Google can track the actual subject matter of the content.

In the case of a picture, it’s better to optimize the image URL along with the keyword.

  • Absence of Breadcrumbs:

This part is also very important for SEO. This is like a speaker of the website and it will show you the path of your inquiry. It will show you the result step by step. Isn’t it very helpful?

Obviously, it is. As a result search engine can easily read the text links and it provides transparent navigation structure.

But many designers sometimes forget to give special care about this and the website didn’t get good traffic. But this easy process could increase the user-friendliness of the website.

  • Lack of H1 tag and meta description:

The use of H1 tag is very important for SEO friendly website. Especially on the home page. It helps google to get an idea about the topic of the website.  By using proper H1 tag and meta description, you can increase google ranking.

For place problem, many designers remove this H1 tag and sometimes designers don’t treat it carefully. These are not appropriate in the sense of SEO.

  • Pop-Ups:

Pop-ups is known as a bad test in the world of website. Because they are very annoying and not expected at all. Most of the time visitors used to close it. Even search engines don’t like it and don’t index them as a part of the website.

Pop-ups are the function that is the part of website design but creative and main content covered pop-ups are not necessary at all. In this present time, Google prefers user experiences. Especially on smartphone devices. As the device is smart so their users are smart too. So, the use of pop-ups can put a negative impact on UX and also on SEO.

When you are working on a new website or redesigning an existing website, its important to focus on the search engine optimization elements.

If people can’t access your website then there is no need to create a good website and your latest leads about designing can not bring you success.

When your website will be SEO friendly then Google will be able to read your website topic. If any future change required for the sake of SEO, then you can easily optimize your website with less trouble.

Google is a machine and it treats all the websites equally. As there is no change of partiality so your well-optimized website can have quality traffic along with the best user experience.

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