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5 Reasons Why PSD to WordPress Conversion Is a Great Choice For You

In the last few years, the trend of converting a Photoshop design (PSD) File to a WordPress theme has grown quite quickly. Whether you running a  small or medium business, every business these days seems to hire a professional PSD to WordPress conversion service provider to get a custom desire theme for their website.

In fact, those days are gone when enterprises use free (or even premium)  to line up their websites. But now, you notice many bloggers using a custom WordPress theme developed using a PSD file.

Here are 5 reasons why PSD to WordPress Conversion is a Great Choice For You.

  • Unique and Professional Design:

The first reason why you should go with PSD to WordPress conversion is your unique business model, that makes your business unique and stand out from the crowd.

Where a custom theme isn’t able to match all of your business requirements, PSD to WP conversion gives you the exact look, feel and practicality you would like for your website.

Also, chances are the theme that you’re using an already being used on other websites. In such a situation, custom website themes are not the right fit for yours.

  • Hand Coded Semantic Markup:

There is much software available in the market, that automatically convert a Photoshop design file to a WordPress theme. But factually, none of them will produce as high-quality code as manual coding will.

In PSD to WordPress conversion, your theme is hand-coded by high-end professional designers, who have the flexibility to maintain quality in design and writing. This semantic approach to web markup makes your website work friendly and load fast.

  • Pixel Perfection:

Most of the custom WordPress themes aren’t pixel perfect, which is very important as having the semantic markup.

Since PSD conversion is completed via handcrafted chopping technique. You can be sure that you’ll get a pixel perfect WordPress theme.

Going with PSD to WordPress will deliver you a pixel perfect theme.

  • Web Standards Compliance:

Just because the demo theme is working properly doesn’t mean the whole theme is ready to launch or use.

It doesn’t mean that the theme can work properly together on previous and modern browsers.

To make your theme to usable and accessible across all devices and browsers, a WordPress theme must adhere to the newest W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and WordPress writing standards, which is possible through PSD to WordPress conversion.

  • Cross-Browser and Cross-Platform Compatibility:

It’s the main reason why many WordPress sites get fail and don’t become successful and popular in the niche. Most of the free custom WordPress themes lack cross-browser and cross-device compatibility, which makes them non-friendly and almost useless.

In conclusion, a WordPress theme built exploitation but, a PSD to WordPress theme not only incorporates pixel perfection but is also thoroughly tested on different operating systems and web browsers to make certain it’s working fine everywhere without any hindrance.

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