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PSD to WordPress Conversion Service Convert a PSD Template to a WordPress Theme

Convert a PSD Template to a WordPress Theme

Converting your PSD template to WordPress is always a good idea to create your site in an affordable budget. These days having a responsive and professional website costs too much and small businesses can’t pay that much. Obviously, they’re in their starting phase, budget is a problem for them.

If you’re thinking of PSD to WordPress Conversion then you come to the right page. Keep reading and we’ll educate you all about this conversion process. So, without wasting more time, let’s dive into our article.

What is PSD?

PSD is the format of the Adobe Photoshop file. PSD to WordPress themes is the two terms in web designing that need no introduction. PSD is the design file of your website created in Adobe Photoshop.

What WordPress Themes Are?

We think that you’re new to WordPress themes, let us explain it to you in the easiest way. Just consider WordPress themes similar to your smartphone themes. They’re all same.

PSD to WordPress Themes Conversion done as follows:

Step 1: Slicing your PSD

You slice your PSD design and separate it into different image files so each design component can be saved effectively as it is in a separate design file. You use any photo editing software, but Adobe Photoshop is preferred as it’s more advance and efficient.

The easiest way to slice your PSD file is to look for these main components first.

  • header and separator
  • Background
  • Footer and others

Step 2: Create index.html and Style.css 

Now, the second thing you have to do is to exit the designing world and enter the programming world. But, it’s very simple and easy to go on. No rocker science or hardcore coding required. From the PSD file that you crafted, create a static HTML and CSS template. You can use the software too. You can follow some other responsive web design just to make sure your site is relevant and responsive on all screens.

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Step 3: Break down your index.html into WordPress theme structure

Now you got the basic template ready and you need to connect it to WordPress. But, before you do that, you may require a little knowledge of how things are done in WordPress.

WordPress has a specific and unique file structure that you need to follow. You are basically going to upload your web page in the form of PSD file to WordPress themes and then the WordPress software will work seamlessly so that the plugins and the additional functionalities can be added without any problem or issues.

Some pointers that might help you are listed down below:

  • Basic files of WordPress Theme
  • index.php
  • rtl.css
  • search.php
  • comments.php
  • front-page.php
  • Home.php
  • index.php
  • header.php
  • sidebar.php
  • footer.php
  • single.php
  • page.php
  • 404.php
  • date.php
  • archive.php
  • category.php
  • tag.php
  • attachment.php
  • image.php

Step 4: Add WordPress tags

Now the last step you have to do is to import the awesome inbuilt functionalities provided into the WordPress theme with the help of WordPress tags and these tags, you can say that you have created a WordPress theme. If you still confused about the process, you should definitely hire a PSD to WordPress agency to do the work for you.

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