4 Ways to Determine Your WordPress Theme Performance

WordPress themes are powerful tools that can help you create websites that look the way you want. But, in some cases, you might not be getting the best use from them. How do you tell if your theme is helping or hindering your website? 

Here are four ways you can measure how well your WordPress theme is performing. The key is to know what you want and be brutally honest with yourself about your needs and preferences.

1. What Factors Your WordPress Theme is Using?

What factors affect how well a theme does? To answering these questions what metrics should you consider? These are all questions that a wp theme developer should ask itself when releasing a new theme, and these are all questions that we aim to answer in this article.

Any wp theme developer will be ask this topic at some point. And it isn’t necessarily easy to answer. Sure, you can gauge how well your theme is doing by looking at the downloads. But how many of those visitors are just taking a look, and how many are actively using the theme?

2. What  Plugins You’re Using?

There are as many different WordPress plugins available as there are things you could want to do with your website. And new plugins are coming out all the time. It can be overwhelming to figure out which ones are worth your time, and which ones aren’t. The problem is that anyone can create a WordPress plugin, so many of them are made with little thought about the quality of work and the user experience. To help you out, here are a few of the most highly rated and widely used WordPress plugins that can help you achieve your goals with your site. They can help with everything from SEO to social sharing. 

3. What’s Your Page Load Speed 

Most people know that the more time a web page takes to load, the less likely someone is to stay on the site and browse. That’s important when you’re running an electronic commerce site because every second count if you’re trying to convert visitors to customers. One of the biggest culprits when it comes to slow page load times is images. The larger an image is, the longer it takes to load, which means visitors will be more likely to click the back button if they’re waiting for a page to finish loading. 

4. How Well Your Popular Posts are Responding in Your WordPress Theme

To find your most popular posts, navigate to the “All Posts” page on your WordPress account. This page will list all of the blog posts you’ve made, but you can narrow things down to just the ones that have gotten the most attention. By default, the list will show you the 10 most popular posts. If you want to see, even more, you can click the “View more” link at the bottom of the list, or you can click the “View all” link to view a list of all of the posts you’ve made, where you can then select the number of posts you want to view. Finding your most popular posts is simple and easy to do, but only if you know where to look. 

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