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PSD to WordPress Conversion – Why Professionals Recommend it?

Creating a professional and responsive website is a challenge today, and requires a lot of hard work on coding to build an interactive, responsive, and friendly design. Hence, PSD to WordPress conversion is a good approach to create amazing and responsive websites with ease.

Before we discuss the reasons why professional recommend converting PSD to WordPress, let’s discuss the increasing popularity of WordPress:

According to the latest WordPress usage statistics, 34% of all the websites are powered by WordPress. WordPress is scaling up very quickly and leaving it’s several competitors CMS behind like Joomla, Drupal, etc.WordPress has great popularity around the globe and its graph is still rising high.

However, converting a PSD file to a WordPress theme sometimes come to chaos. It’s really simple if you understand the process of converting a PSD file into a theme. If not want to do the work yourself, you could even hire a PSD to WordPress conversion expert to do the rest for you.

A unique and responsive WordPress theme can make or break your website. If you’ve designed your WordPress website in Photoshop, then there are many ways to convert it into a real-life theme. This can be done through conversion software or manually by a web developer. It can be appealing to without the program and simply run your Photoshop file through some conversion software instead, but you’ll always be better off with hand coding.

Manual Conversion is Well Worth it

Manual conversion costs more automatic conversion software, and also the process takes more time, however, the end result is much higher, and professional quality. Manual conversion has some innate advantages than an automatic process.

To make it easy and simple for you, check out the 5 easy steps involved during this conversion process.

  1. SEO-Friendly Code

Ranking high in search engines becomes difficult if you didn’t have well-optimized coding. A real set of human eyes is the only way to continue with the ever-changing SEO requirements.

  1. Pixel Perfection

Manual Conversion can build any design, no matter how simple or tough, and build it to show up perfectly on your website. You don’t need to worry that your design will convert completely or not, or have any limitations in mind. Manual Conversion delivers better quality than the conversion software out there.

  1. Cross-Compatibility

When conversion software converts your design, it’s nearly impossible that your theme will be functional and can run on all platforms. Only an expert developer can ensure that your website loads faster and smoothly on all web browsers like Chrome and Mozilla and that it shows properly on mobile devices.

  1. Versatility

Code that’s been written by hand is way easier to add to or alter later on if the need arises. automated code is usually sometimes very difficult to tamper with after the fact (and hiring somebody to do so can get expensive).

  1. W3C Validation

Even functional automated code is typically full of small errors. These mistakes can often cost a website its W3C validation, creating the site seem untrustworthy. A manual converter can catch the majority of errors and guarantee your website is validated.

If you’ve been designing in Photoshop and want to start the conversion process, PSD to WP Service can make your experience hassle-free and deliver an impeccable theme.