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PSD to WordPress Conversion Service Problems Developers Face While PSD to WordPress Conversion

Problems Developers Face While PSD to WordPress Conversion

WordPress is a popular platform among developers. It has gained a lot of popularity over time and it powers almost 30 % of the internet. Converting to WordPress is a smart move as it is smart for keeping up with the competition.

If you are going to switch from PSD to WordPress then it is important that you understand the terms.

What does PSD mean?

PSD means Photoshop Document that is created in Adobe Photoshop. A PSD is a layered image file that allows you to save and edit different parts of an image into JPEG and PNG file formats. You can easily open the file in Photoshop and you can edit it further if you need to.

PSD is a native file format of Photoshop that is widely accepted. It supports almost all modes of the image like Bitmap, CMYK, Duotone, Grayscale, RGB, and others.

You cannot launch a WordPress website unless you have converted PSD to WordPress template. But converting PSD to WordPress is not a simple process. There are a lot of steps that need to be taken before you are successfully able to convert PSD to WordPress.

What is WordPress?

It is an open-source content management system that is quickly gaining popularity. It is a well-supported platform that can offer quick and easy solutions to WordPress problems.

Converting PSD to WordPress:

Here are some challenges that web developers can face while converting PSD to WordPress.

Need for advanced coding skills:

Converting PSD to WordPress requires advanced coding skills. Automated tools sound like a great option but it is always better to use manual conversions as they ensure a professional touch. To manually complete the conversion task it is important that an individual has excellent knowledge of coding. Manual conversion makes sure that the website is able to work without any glitches. To ensure perfect manual conversion you will need to hire skilled and professional developers.

Search engine friendly WordPress template:

Converting PSD to search engine friendly WordPress template is a huge challenge because if it is not to search engine friendly then it will be hard to get a good online response. A website is supposed to provide exposure and make sure that you have a good online presence. Whether you opt for a manual conversion or you choose to hire a professional to do the task, make sure that it is search engine friendly so that the website manages to drive traffic online.


As mentioned earlier, it is always better to invest in manual PSD to WordPress conversion and the only way to do it properly is by hiring a professional. When a company makes a hire they have to consider their budget. You have to consider the pros and cons of the hire you are making along with affordability. Retaining a full-time programmer may be out of budget for a lot of website owners than hiring a company to handle the conversion.

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Most website owners think that their best option is to use an automated PSD to WordPress conversion tools. The tools promise to deliver the best results but these off the shelf tools are not the best option. There are some challenges that the automated tools cannot handle and the quality of the end product is not what you want. It is important to understand the challenges related to the conversion process so that you have an efficient WordPress website running without any performance issues.

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