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Fixed: Missing forward slash / at the end of website url – OpenCart issue

So, today we migrated an OpenCart website from our server to client’s server. After the configuration, the site was fine except the images were not loading at all (As you see on the above image). When we checked the source code, we saw the issue was basically this: “forward slash / was missing at the end of website url” . We were like kicking our heads here and there, checked the config.php file, backend settings, finding for solutions on support forum but no luck at all. Then we randomly thought about an idea and, guess what, it WORKED 😀 So, here is the solution:

  • From your OpenCart dashboard, go to System -> Settings -> Click Edit.
  • Click “Server” and look for “Use SEO URLs

  • Set it as “No” and Click “Save”.
  • Then, set it as “yes” and Click “Save”.

That’s it. Yes, you heard it right. That’s it.

All your images and urls should be fine now.

Please note: If the above solution don’t work, do the following:

  • Go to your Config.php and admin/config.php file and check if the image/file paths are correct.
  • Make sure there is an Forward / at the end of SITE URL on the config files.

If you still face problem, you can comment down and we will try to help.

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