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PSD to WordPress Conversion Service The Rising Importance of Site Speed

The Rising Importance of Site Speed

Every site owner wants his website to deliver the best user experience, besides their industry. A website that makes its returning and new customers happy is more likely to perform better than the one who doesn’t. As the behavior of customers on the web keeps evolving, you can’t ignore the rising importance of site speed and load time.

Here’s why site speed and load time is still a major issue than you think, along with some ways and strategies to improve your site speed.

Today’s Buyers are Impatient

Imagine, you visit a website that never loads up, how’d to feel? Bad right!

If you are like most people, then you probably experience anger and frustration.

And when you get to a website that loads forever, will you stay on that site? Probably not.

Instead, you’ll quickly bounce back and go to another website, right?

The same thing applies to your customers. The people who are looking for your service or product are no different. They’re the same human you are, they have the same emotions too.

They don’t have the patience to stay too long on your website waiting for your website to load up. They are impatient, they want everything in front of their smartphone or desktop screen in a matter of seconds not minutes. The longer your site loads, the worse experience your customers gonna have.

In 2012, a study conducted by Google, the average time a user willing to wait for a website to load in 5 seconds before up before they bounce back and move to another website. Do you think that people are more impatient than they were in 2012?
Site Speed and Load Time Affects Your SEO

From that time, Google has been using site speed as a ranking factor and it continues to serve as one of the most important factors to show up in search engines and rank your website higher in SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).
Your Site Speed Shows The Response Time of Your Web Requests.

Increasing the speed of your site is important — not just to site owners, but also for the internet users. Faster sites create a happy and good user experience and we’ve seen the results in our internal studies that when a site responds faster, the user stays long as compare to sites which load slower and users quickly bounce back.

Google knows that showing up slow sites to users creates a bad user experience, so it’s no secret anymore that search engines like Google still pay high attention and value to site speed.

Fast Speed and Loading Time Will Improve Your SEO.

A Few Strategies to Improve Your Website’s Load Speed?
Your site can be slow down by using a lot of unnecessary functionalities and features that your customers don’t want. Don’t all web design and web development companies talk about this while creating a website? Or while converting PSD to WordPress.

Along with several methods and strategies to improve your site speed, the one most common and effective one is choosing the right theme for your website or get a custom-designed website.

However, the cost of a template website may be less than a custom-designed website, but template websites (themes) come with several additional features that are not actually necessary for your business, which means your customers are waiting for no purpose.

On the flip side, creating a custom-designed website fro scratch helps you ensure that your new website is created as per your requirements and with the absolute essentials.

Some additional things to consider:

  • Image sizing
  • Hosting and Content Delivery Networks
  • Carousels (sliders)

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should be stripped down your website to load it faster. What this means is that you should prioritize your website functionalities and features for great user experience and to help your customers find what they actually need in the shortest time possible.

Last Words

A slow website makes buyers lose interest in your website, so they bounce back and go to your competitor’s website to buy the product or service. Make sure that your website loads faster to help your potential customers to interact completely with your business website while helping you to improve your search engine visibility.

If you want to see your website’s speed and load time on both desktop and mobile devices, you can test it online for free by using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool.

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