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5 Tools for Collaborating With Your Web Design Clients

When you have a team that operates remotely, coordinating your web design projects can be a real pain. Not only is communication a bit delayed but also the core processes might not flow smoothly as you’d like. To avert these challenges, you need a system that automates both the planning and organization of workflow to attain your goals with ease. 

In this article, we discuss five tools that every web designer should use to effectively collaborate with their clients. Learn how to bring everyone on board including your content writers, designers, and other professionals such as the WordPress experts you may be having in your team. 

1. Basecamp

When you’re working with creatives like web designers and copywriters, clarifying the design problem you’re trying to solve is key. You want everyone involved to be reading from the same page to create a stable project foundation. Luckily, Basecamp can help with that.

The project management toolkit helps businesses coordinate remote workers and facilitate optimal use of shared resources. It does this by breaking down the entire design process into separate projects and then assigning each to relevant parties. Some of the features we love about it include:

  • Message board for posting announcements and other project updates
  • To-do lists for highlighting goals and assigning tasks
  • Schedule feature to set and remind everyone of important dates
  • Group chat to facilitate open communication 

2. WriteMaps

Most web design projects require back and forth communication with clients concerning the information architecture. WriteMaps speeds up this process by letting you create project prototypes and sitemaps that you can share with clients and teammates. With it, you get real-time feedback that helps to deliver the desired results. 

The tool allows you to gather content from your clients in an organized way, add notes and create beautiful visual sitemaps that your client loves!

3. Trello 

When you’re looking to plan and arrange web design projects in a fun, flexible, and rewarding manner, Trello is your ideal tool. It uses boards, cards, and lists to organize the workflow in a consistent, logical design

Boards facilitate better team organization by announcing the project progress and other updates that are relevant to the processes involved.

Lists indicate work in progress as well as the completed tasks to allow effective monitory and evaluation. Finally, cards show the specific tasks that each person in the team is handling at any one time.

4. Slack

Email is a great way to communicate with your team members. However, conversations can be quite difficult to organize especially with large teams and lots of messages.

Slack exists to solve this problem. It allows you to harmonize core processes in web design that involve communicating with several parties. For example, you want designers to be aware of the content that copywriters are developing. This helps to streamline the process and minimize unnecessary friction with clients. 

5. Mockflow

Are you trying to better coordinate UI related functions in your team? Mockflow is a tool that’s specially designed to facilitate quicker brainstorming of UI ideas. It comes with handy features such as an editor, preview, and iterate functions

Besides, it supports the easier collaboration of design functions by allowing you and your teammates to share, comment on, and approve tasks.

Have you used any of the above collaboration tools? How is it serving you? Please share your experiences in the comments below.

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