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PSD to WordPress Conversion Service Why PSDtoWPService are the Best Conversion Experts?

Why PSDtoWPService are the Best Conversion Experts?

Here at PSDtoWPService, we hold a very special place for WordPress in our hearts. Whether it’s HTML to WordPress, Figma to WordPress, or PSD to WordPress. We make sure all our projects to be very simple, and we absolutely LOVE them all.

It’s one of the best CMS (Content Management System) that we’re currently working with, and we have spent years mastering it completely and thoroughly.

Why do we love WordPress so much?

It’s an amazing web designing and development platform. It’s simple and flexible, so you can customize it to your every need. And its creators/users can keep it running like a well-oiled machine: There’s amazing developer support, and it’s frequently updated for bugs and issues for better performance.

Why Us for PSD to WordPress Conversion?

WordPress can be used for anything you want when it comes to your website:

  • Editing/adding content to your website.
  • Having a complete ecommerce store with every feature you need.
  • Managing multiple user accounts, in the care you’re running a subscription-based site

And much, much more…

(Sidenote: For Ecommerce stores, there are many amazing WordPress plugins like Woocommernce, if you want to build-up your e-store – Woocommerce is a good choice. We also provide the Woocommerce Customization service, so you don’t have to care about hard parts.)

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So, how does our PSD to WordPress process work here at PSDtoWPService?

At PSDtoWPService, our PSD to WordPress process starts with the basics. We start our work by taking your PSD design file and start converting it into professional coding that’s responsive across all devices, and seamless across all browsers.

When the WordPress Web Developer assigned to your project is done coding the site, a senior developer carefully reviews it for any coding errors or mishaps. If any are errors found, our developers take care of that promptly, and the site is reviewed again. And this process goes on until no errors are left.

The designer also carefully examines every page and compares it to the original PSDs provided to make sure it’s pixel perfect, responsive, and looks adorable. The designer will send the developer as many rounds of revisions as necessary for the files to be finalized and ready for your review.

And when the process is finished, all the team members are happy with the quality of the work they did, and send links to review the HTML files. 9/10 of the files are good to go, but if still, we miss something, we always fix it right away so we can move forward to other tasks efficiently and quickly.

What’s our HTML to WordPress Process?

Now, we are ready to work forward with WordPress integration. This is when we take the HTML files and integrate them with PHP files to make them work perfectly on the WordPress platform.

When this task gets completed, we go through another quality assurance test before we send you your new, shiny, and responsive site.

And that’s it! Your PSD to WordPress project is done!

What Are Advanced Custom Fields, and Why We Use It?

In all of our PSD to WordPress projects, we use an incredible and versatile gem and of a plugin called Advanced Custom Fields Plugin. We just make the simple already-to-use WordPress dashboard and convert it into more intuitive and user-friendly. With Advanced Custom Fields, you can customize the dashboard to your chosen layout and content so that managing your site and adding content isn’t that hard and it’ll be faster for you and your clients. 

Advanced Custom Fields allows you to use WordPress in many ways you’re most likely familiar with: complex pages and layouts are just like filling out a form. Sliders can be updated easily, just like uploading photos to Instagram or Facebook. And much more. So even if you are new to WordPress before, you’ll get used to navigating and using the dashboard without facing many problems.

In short, you can do all the WordPress Customization in one place with Advanced Custom Fields.

We Always Start from Scratch

There are many WordPress development companies and agencies out there that use pre-made WordPress themes in PSD to WordPress projects and customize it to match your designs. Not us. Not there are many issues that come from coding WordPress sites, that’s is why we code from scratch.

By doing that we can ensure that:

  • Your website will be coded using 100% clean code and work flawlessly on every device and browser. (We won’t be ‘hacking’ someone else’s code to try to fit your design into a premade framework).
  • We ensure that your website loads as quickly as possible, as it’ll only use the codes and scripts your design requires. (Pre-made themes mostly offer tons of extra features, and even if you don’t use them all, they still end up slowing down your site).

Have a PSD to WordPress Project?

Click here to get in touch now. We’d be very happy to get you a quote for your project.  Once you contact us, our capable project managers will handle you from there and help you answer your questions. Still, have more questions? Check our FAQ page.

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