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PSD to WordPress Conversion Service PSD to WordPress Conversion: Speed Matters More Than You Think!

PSD to WordPress Conversion: Speed Matters More Than You Think!

For a business website, the top priority of your business should be having the fastest loading website. For business, all you have to do is to grow a good impact to your users. For that, a faster loading website will be the best weapon for you. In addition if you have a faster loading website then Google will place you in a handsome place. On this blog we will discuss about how can you speed up your WordPress website while converting PSD to WordPress.

Let’s talk why you need a faster website in the first place;

  1. Your website is in the forefront of your interaction with your customer, so you need it accessible and engaging. If it takes too long to load the site; you will lose a good portion of your visitor, aka; customers!
  2. Google ranks websites exclusively on speed optimization. If yours doesn’t meet its standards or fast enough; that will affect your search engine ranking.
  3. Faster websites tends to engage users more and they get a good feel about the business while navigating around the website. If you pages loads faster than other websites; users will be able to move around the site easily and that means more opportunity for you to pitch them your services.

For a faster website the theme of your website have to be a clean, optimized and responsive. Now let’s talk about WordPress theme. A WordPress theme is a complete design for a website which includes all of the things that you typically associate with web design. From colors selection to headers, footers, and sidebar positioning each and everything. A WordPress theme can change the design of your website and its layout.

While developing a theme for a website you have to regard in mind a few things if you want a fast, clean, optimized and fully responsive WordPress theme. Here are some points which you should follow while developing a WordPress theme for your website.

1. Minification of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML

Minification means removing all unnecessary characters from source code without changing its functionality. Optimizing your code including removing spaces commas, unnecessary characters, code comments, formatting, and unused code you can increase your page speed.

2. Image optimization

To speed up your web page you have to be sure that your images are no larger than they need to be. You have to optimize your images for a better result. Generally PNGs are better for graphics with fewer than 16 colors. You can also use CSS sprite to create a template for your website. CSS sprites combines your images into one large image that loads all at once. CSS sprite means a collection of images put into a single image. With many images, your web page may take a long time but if you use image sprite, it will reduce the number of server requests and save bandwidth.

3. Don’t use render blocking JavaScript

Render means loading, so render-blocking means that keeping the page from loading as quickly as it could. Google recommends to remove or defer JavaScript that interfere with loading what a user sees initially on their screen of your webpages. If you want that your website will load faster then you must stop using render blocking JavaScript.

Browser have to build a front-end HTML view via parsing a complete DOM tree, but if your website includes blocking JavaScript during this process; the browser will wait till the code executes and then render the page. This will cause user to wait for some time before they can see the page; resulting in poor user experience. Which you should avoid at any cost!

4. Put JavaScript on footer

To speed up your web page you have to put your JavaScript on footer. This will help you in many ways. If you do so it will not block any DOM element to be loaded. Also all the DOM elements will be available for the scripts that are being loaded.

Basically this problem occurs when the scripts blocks parallel downloads. According to the HTTP/1.1 specification the browser download not more than two elements in parallel per hostname. So if you put too many JavaScript files at the top of your webpage, these files must be loaded before the page is shown to the user.

So it’s always better to put all the JavaScript files at the footer of the webpage, so the whole page will be loaded and visible to the user before your scripts load.

So on that topic finally we can say that, to avoid these problems and to speed up your WordPress web page, you have to be alert always about these problems. The best way to get rid of these problem is to hire a super expert Developer and take quality PSD to WordPress service. We provide a super expert developer and quality PSD to WordPress service. Just have a look on our page!

On this blog, we have tried to give you the best idea about how can you speed up your WordPress web page and what should you regard in mind while taking a PSD to WordPress service. If you have liked this blog, please feel free to share it with your dearest ones 🙂


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